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Gail Crosman Moore's borosilicate beads of nature Kervin, Jim Flamework Library

GlasClay basics! The book. Perkins, Geneva Fusing Library
GlasClay techniques, projects and tops Available

Glass and print Petrie, Kevin London: A&C Black General glass Library
Glass handbook 2006 Available

Glass art from the kiln Culler, Rene Fusing Library

The glass artist's studio handbook Cohen, Cecilia General glass Library
Traditional and contemporary techniques for working with glass Available

Glass bead trip Timbur-Pagel, Claudia Flamework Library

Glass bead workshop Warhaftig, Jeri L. Flamework Library

Glass beadmaking Kervin, Jim Flamework Library

Glass beads Mehaffey, Louise Flamework Library
Tips, tools, and techniques for learning the craft Available

Glass beads and silver Bearer, Rocio Flamework Library
The art of beads, Volume two Bearer, Ron, Jr. Available

Glass casting and moldmaking Lundstrom, Boyce Fusing Library
Glass fusing, Book three Available

Glass enameling Weiner, Kay Bain Fusing Library

Glass kiln casting with colour de verre Perisco, Jayne Kiln firing Library
Fusing Available

Glass notes; A reference for the glass artist Halem, Henry Fusing Library

Glass: An artist's medium Kohler, Lucartha General glass Library

Glass: Philosophy & method Burton, John General glass Library
Hand-blown, sculptured, colored Available

Glass throughout time General glass Library
History and technique of glassmaking from the ancient world to the present Available

Glass under heat Fenton, Dan Fusing Library
Complete kiln work notes from Dan Fenton's workshops, 1982-2003 Available

A glassblower's companion Giberson, Dudley F., Jr Warner, NH: The Joppa Press Glassblowing Library
A compilation of studio equipment designs, essays, and glassmaking ideas Available

Glassblowing Carberry, Edward Flamework Library
An introduction to artistic and scientific flameworking Available

Glassblowing Hoyt, Homer L. Flamework Library
An introduction to solid and blown glass sculpting Available

Glassblowing for laboratory technicians Barbour, R. Oxford: Pergamon Press Flamework Library
Laboratory techniques, Volume 2 1958 Available

Glassforming Schuler, Frederic, R. Philadelphia: Chilton Book Company Flamework Library
Glassmaking for the craftsman Schuler, Lilli 1970 Available

Glasss Steger, Miriam Flamework Library
Book of lampworkers Wessels, Maria Louisa Available

Glasss2 Steger - van der Schrieck, Miriam Flamework Library
Book of lampworkers Available

Glasss3 Steger – van der Schrieck, Miriam Flamework Library
Book of lampworkers Available