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Welcome to the Silicon Valley Fireflies Lending Library!

The library is a collection of videos, print materials, and tools owned by Silicon Valley Fireflies members and made available for others to borrow. The standard loan period is one month, or more specifically, the time between monthly Fireflies meetings.

The procedure for borrowing materials is the following:

  1. Submit a request by sending an email to the librarian. ( )
  2. The librarian will bring the requested materials to the next Fireflies meeting.
  3. The member may keep the item for the standard loan period, and return it at the next Fireflies meeting

At present, the procedure is very informal, and loan periods may be extended on request. Keeping the item for the extra time should be no problem, as long as no one else has requested it. Also, at the present time, there is no charge or deposit for borrowing items, but this may change, depending on the cost, expected wear, and scarcity of certain items.

The Glass Library currently has three collections. Click on the following links to browse the collection: