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The painted and faceted fused beads of Bruce St. John Maher Kervin, Jim Beading Library

Passing the flame Tettinger, Corina Flamework Library

Paté de verre Higuchi, Kimiake Kiln firing Library
Fusing Available

Paté de verre and kiln casting of glass Kervin, Jim Fusing Library

Paul J. Stankard: Homage to nature Dietz, Ulysses Grant Flamework Library

The Penland book of glass Flamework Library
Master classes in flameworking technique Available

The Penland book of jewelry Jewelry Library
Master classes in jewelry techniques Available

Prairie designs for stained glass windows Spatz, Alex Marshalls Creek PA: Cliffside Studio Stained glass Library
56 original designs (10th anniversary edition) 2003 Available

Prairie designs II for stained glass windows Spatz, Alex Marshalls Creek, PA: Cliffside Studio Library
48 original designs 1999 Available
Printmaking techniques on glass Walker, Jody Danner Four Corners International Library
2012 Available

The properties of glass Morley, George W. General glass Library

Pure brightness shines everywhere Curtis, Emily Byrne General glass Library
The glass of China Available